Know yourself and you will know the universe



I support my clients to uncover hidden layers in their subconscious to reveal the reasons why certain behaviours, beliefs and attitudes are present in their personal and professional performance. By mapping the personality matrix we realign, heal and transform characteristics, activating new neural pathways.

Through exclusive and private 1:1 symbiotic body and mind retreats, including sacred ceremonial methods, we work towards integration, transformation and inner freedom, supporting physical and emotional wellbeing.

Ricardo Assis Rosa, PhD

I am a cognitive and somatic practitioner and ceremony holder, initiated in Tibetan Buddhism, Amazonian Shipibo and Andean Q’ero Shamanic traditions and practice the therapeutic approach of Compassionate Inquiry from Dr. Gabor Mate.

Over the past 18 years I have learnt from great masters, received powerful initiations, and walked through my own rites and healing passages.

What I Offer

Through working together, we cultivate a deep personal connection where I consistently support you in navigating life challenges, optimizing opportunities, and strategically advancing both professionally and personally.

We initiate a comprehensive process of mapping and strategically realigning the mind and body. The objective is to unveil negative beliefs, memories, stories, and patterns residing in the subconscious that impede your full capacity to experience clarity, abundance, love, freedom, and joy.

This conscious-awareness-driven process unveils characteristics of the emotional personality matrix, providing you with the tools to navigate and bring about inner and outer transformation, allowing you to meet your goals and unlock your full potential.

We further immerse ourselves in a private and exclusive retreat setting over 3-4 days, employing various methods, including sacred meditations and somatic practices. These techniques expand and explore different realms of conscious awareness, leading to profound insights and transformation of the body, mind, and soul.

Within these sacred experiences, we clear and realign the energetic constructs within your being, fostering profound life-transforming changes. This method, aligning both conscious and subconscious processes while recalibrating past, present, and future experiences, proves highly efficient in fostering personal growth, resilience, strategic thinking, and the manifestation of your optimal capacities.

The foundation laid through this approach sets the stage for an abundant, prosperous, and fulfilling professional and personal lifestyle.

People come to work with me to:

  • Find clarity in their purpose
  • Increase their abundance 
  • Overcoming problems in relationships
  • To mature, become wiser and be more present 
  • Improve their health and feel good about themselves 
  • To experience inner freedom and joy
  • To deepen their spiritual practice

What people are saying

"Ricardo has reminded me who I am, and released me from a place of ‘stuckness’ towards
greater freedom to be who I am. I feel I have stepped out of something, shedding a skin that I no longer needed. This does
not come without risk, and a sense of vulnerability. I have been given permission to see patterns: drop unhelpful ways of being , without blame; reconnect with parts of myself that feel like coming home; and more than just being, given permission, I have been given the confidence to do so. Like a master craftsperson Ricardo brings elements into alignment with ease and evident joy." Kate Murry

"Working with Ricardo was a doorway for me to look at challenging life events in a different way. Exploring these and associated emotions helped me to be able to reframe things and move from a feeling of disempowerment to a deeper sense of self awareness, compassion and self control in what was previously for me extremely triggering circumstances. I would highly recommend working with Ricardo if you are prepared to be honest and open when looking at habitual patterns which keep repeating themselves. The insights gained can be life changing when you go onto practise them in everyday life." Yvonne Mitchell

"Ricardo holds a space in which I am safe to explore and experience suppressed or vulnerable parts of my being.  He easily gets to the centre of what needs to be addressed or investigated, his insights cutting through stories, traits and habits which do not serve.  Working with Ricardo has been and continues to be a magical thing.  His gifts help connect me with my own." Becky Turner

"Having worked 1:1 with Ricardo for 6 months now I can testify to his sincerity and authenticity. This title does not do him justice, however, as to me he’s more than a professional, but also an amazing human being who really wants to share what he’s learnt through his own self-development journey. His work with both Buddhist teachings and shamanic practices gives him a unique perspective that has helped me to find my feet on a journey to a more fulfilled life both in a worldly and spiritual sense. To be more specific, I’ve regained a sense of confidence in myself that I had lost and am very much looking forward to channelling this into my professional and personal lives. Additionally, his retreats have provided further improvements - such as a greater sense of control over my emotions and being grateful for my life. I can truly say I am very fortunate to have met Ricardo." Luke Stamford

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Through my approach you will:

Feel safe in a private setting to open up and look at your story, to understand the flow of who you are and compassionately begin to bring important changes which can lead you to experience life with more freedom and fulfilment.  

Look at ways in which you are not being kind and compassionate with yourself - developing self love and diminishing the self judgement.

Practice letting go, accepting what is, working towards changing what you can from a basis of compassion.

Practice recognising what is influencing your perception of the world. This will lead you to connect with your true self and develop a higher awareness of your thoughts and feelings in an authentic way, manifesting a new lived reality with meaning, abundance, compassion, gratitude and love.

Look at your patterns of belief and the perceptions you have of yourself in the world. Helping you see when these patterns originated and what caused them. Working towards clearing the patterns which no longer serve you in favour of your inner freedom, love and abundance.

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Book a complementary session with me. There’s no commitment, pressure, or obligation.